Valentine Window Clings

This is a craft I’ve done since I was a child.


Puffy Fabric Paint

Wax Paper


Lay out a piece of wax paper.  I haven’t tried it, but I wonder if freezer paper would also work.  Plastic wrap will not work, because it doesn’t create a smooth surface for the back of the cling.

wax paper and puffy paint

Draw designs using the puffy paint. Start with outlines and any fine details (like if you want to add an arrow through a heart).  Fill in large spaces last.  Don’t apply the paint too thickly or thinly–an even layer that covers the paper fully is sufficient.


Because you can see through wax paper so well, it’s easy to place a pattern underneath the paper to trace an outline.  I used a post-it under my wax paper.


Make different sizes and colors.  Think about how you might want to place the clings as you choose your size and color combinations.


Allow to dry.  Peel off carefully. Don’t worry if it seems like the wax is pulling off of the paper.  The clings will still stick.

peel off

Stick in the window.  The colors in the photo don’t show up well because of the backlight, but you get the idea.  These are very cute in person.

window clings


You could make these for any holiday or season.  Just get creative!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines For Riley

My sorority, Psi Lambda Xi, made valentine cards to send to kids at Riley Hospital for Children.  I thought they all came out really well, and I wanted to share them with my readers.

We tried to make sure we were making cards that were more or less gender neutral, and to make them different instead of all them being a pink card with a red heart.

I made a Ninja Turtle card that I think came out pretty recognizable.

Ninja Turtle

I also liked the Pikachu card. My friend, Zoe, helped me write a Pokemon-themed poem for the inside. “Charmander is red, Squirtle is blue. Of all the Valentines, I choose YOU!”


We made a total of 28 cards. I think we’re going to make this a tradition, and make even more cards next year by getting more of the campus involved.

ValentinesWhat’s Next?

I’ve got a few more ideas for Valentine’s Day crafts.

Pinterest Picks–Vol 3

What better way to pass the time during the cold month of January than by investigating new craft ideas on Pinterest?

Snowman Scarf

This scarf would be a great way to chase away the winter blahs. The pattern costs $5, but if you know a little about crocheting and adapting patterns, you can probably figure out a good knock off. It looks like it’s mostly a matter of increasing and decreasing as you make stripes.

Homemade Pin Catcher

Old dishes are a great thrift store find. They’re usually affordable–especially if you’re buying one that’s not part of a matching set.  I would probably use hot glue to attach the magnet, but I think super glue would work as well.

Candy Heart Candle Holder

All you need for this one is a vase that fits inside another vase, and a bag of those chalky heart candies. You could substitute other candies, but I would stay away from anything chocolate if you intend to light the candle inside.

Perler Bead Pattern

You might remember perler beads from when you were little. You put plastic beads on a tray, then iron it to melt the beads together.  The thing I like about all the perler bead patterns on Pinterest is that they’re easy to turn into cross stitch patterns. They’re drawn on a grid like cross stitch, and it makes an easy pattern that’s good for beginners.

Knook Advice

I keep trying to get the hang of knooking.  One of my readers directed me to a tutorial she posted, but I still have a hard time with my technique.  This pin suggested that I’m thinking too much like a crocheter as I try to knook, so maybe if I adjust my grip it will work a little better.  I haven’t given up on it, but I also haven’t produced anything worth photographing!

What’s Next?

I’m making valentines with my sorority to send to kids at Riley Children’s Hospital.  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Craft Goals for 2015

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I do have a few crafting goals.

Revisit Knooking

Knooking is a cross between knitting and crocheting (with a crochet hook).  I got some knooks and an instruction booklet for Christmas last year, but I haven’t had much success with it.  I’m going to try it again this year.  Maybe if I try a different yarn than before, it will work better.


Crochet Something for Myself

Usually, when I crochet something, it’s for someone else.  It’s probably been seven or eight years since I’ve crocheted something for no other reason than to just make myself something pretty.  This year, I’m going to fix that.  I think I’ll do a matching scarf and hat set.

Finish a Cross Stitch

I started a cross stitch at some point last year, and I never finished it.  I lost patience with it, then I lost the half-finished attempt in the depths of my closet.  But I recently found it again, and this year I’m going to finish it!

Cross Stitch

Pin All the Things!

Even though I spend a lot of time on Pinterest, I’m always forgetting to pin my own creations.  My final goal is to remember to pin all the projects that I’ve spent so much time on.

Happy 2015, and happy crafting!

How to Make a Bow

I saw this pin on Pinterest and decided to try it out.  I actually modified the instructions a bit, and I think I made it even easier than it already was.  This would be a good way to use up some of your leftover Christmas supplies while dressing up a hostess gift for a New Year’s party.



Wired ribbon

Twist tie or craft wire

Rubber band (optional)




With the right side of the ribbon facing out, start folding the ribbon over on itself.  The more times you fold, the fuller the bow will be.

Hold a rubber band to the back (if you need it to attach the bow when you’re finished) and twist wire around the layers of ribbon.  Be sure to only twist the wire around one edge of the rubber band.

Tighten the wire, re-center it if needed, and fluff the loops of ribbon.

Cut the tails of ribbon to the same length, and use the rubber band to attach the ribbon to a gift.


See you in 2015!

Pinterest Picks–Christmas Edition

Christmas is almost here!  I’ve found some really cute last-minute decorating ideas on Pinterest.

Christmas Tree Napkin

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about napkin folding.  This Christmas tree napkin looks really easy, and the link has detailed instructions.

Christmas Chandelier

If you have a small table, and don’t want to devote precious food space to decorations, hang some ornaments from a light fixture.  The blog in the link has a bunch of other good ideas too.

Mason Jar Candles

To make a snowy mason jar candle, fill the jar part way with salt before adding a votive or tea light.  Follow the link for some nice shabby chic ideas.

Curtain Accents

I don’t usually decorate the bathroom for Christmas, but hanging ornaments from the curtain hooks is clever.  I would probably hang them from the curtain rods over my windows. Follow the link for more bathroom ideas.

Candy Cane Candlestick

If you’re like me, you have plenty of jar candles but no nice candlesticks for a dinner table.  It’s not clear how easily you can eat the candy canes when you’re done, but it’s probably just a matter or peeling off some hot glue.  The instructions in the link say you need 20 candy canes for two candles.

Merry Christmas and happy crafting!

How to Dress Up a Gift Card

Gift cards make great last-minute gifts and stocking stuffers, and most stores sell decorative holders.  But I think it makes a gift card look more special to make your own holder.  Here’s how to make a no-sew gift card holder for only a few cents.




Hot glue

Freezer paper


Puffy fabric paint (if desired)


Step 1

Cut out two pieces of felt that are a little bigger than the gift card.  You could also cut one piece and fold it over, but I like the look of two pieces.  The best way to do this is to sketch your pieces on the papery side of freezer paper.  Then iron the freezer paper shiny side down onto the felt.  Cut the design out following the sketch on the paper, then peel off the freezer paper.  This should make it easy to see the lines you’ve drawn, as well as make it easier to cut the felt without it stretching or pulling.

I’ve tried other ways of cutting felt in the past, but after trying this method, I’m never doing it any other way.  It was so easy, and worked so perfectly!

Iron On


Step 2

Cut out any additional pieces of felt to make the design of your choice.  The Santa card holder that I made is very simple, with only straight lines to cut, and a bit of fabric paint.Peel Off


Step 3

Hot glue three of the edges of the first two pieces of felt you cut.  My hot glue gun is a low-temp, so I had to work very quickly to be able to put my pieces together before the glue cooled.  I laid my pieces on top of each other, then glued half of each seam at a time.  Make sure you’re able to slide the gift card in and out before moving on.

Step 4

Hot glue the smaller pieces to the holder to make your design.  Be sure not to use too much glue, or stick your fingers in it.  Ouch!

Glue the pieces on

Step 5

If you think your design needs a little sparkle or detail, use the fabric paint to finish the look.


Merry Christmas!