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How to Finger Knit

I used to make hair ties out of Loom Loops when I was younger, and I saw this post on Pinterest that uses yarn instead of loops.  I decided to try it out, but I did a couple things differently.




The original post says to hold the yarn tightly in your hand, but I decided to start with a loop like how I would start to crochet.  Then I put the loop over my index finger, and started weaving the yarn over my fingers.loopWhen you have two full rows of weaving, take the bottom row and pull it over the end of each finger.  This is another thing I did differently from the original post.  I thought it was much easier to work toward the palm of my hand rather than toward the back of my hand.weaveWeave a new row on top of the remaining loops on your fingers.  The old row is now the bottom row.  Continue weaving until you reach the desired length.weave in frontIf you want to make a circle, use the loops from the beginning of your project as a new row.  Be sure to keep everything from twisting as you do this.  Again, this is a different method from what others might prefer.  The tying off method in the original post might be more secure, but I think this looks nicer.make a circleAfter you pull the bottom loops over the top loops, there will be one loop left on each finger.  Carefully take the loops from your pinky and ring finger and tie them with a double knot.  Then tie the loops from your index and middle finger.tie offI made mine like a hair tie. I think you could make a cool scarf with these if you braided several long ones together and left them straight instead of tying them in circles.finishedHappy National Craft Month!


How to Crochet a Flower

I often return to my favorite tried and true patterns when I’m making gifts.  I know how the end result will look, I know how long it takes, and I don’t have to think too hard about what I’m doing.  But it gets boring to give the same gifts over and over again! Sure, you can change up the yarn or the hook size, but it’s still the same hat you’ve made 20 times before! Well, here’s a really easy solution–crochet a flower to spruce up that old hat! It takes me less than an hour to crochet a flower, and it’s a good way to use up yarn scraps that aren’t long enough for much else. It’s really difficult to explain with words or through a pattern, so I put a video on YouTube.  It’s much easier to show how to crochet a flower than it is to tell someone how! Use it to add some style to a tablet sleeve!

The perfect crochet accessory!