Finding Vintage Patterns

I love vintage stuff, so I was pretty excited when I came across a website recently, Vintage Literature Reproductions, where you can purchase vintage books.  I bought a couple to see how I liked the format, and I think I’ll be going back for more!  I’ve got my eye on this one, with 66 books including crochet and vintage dress patterns!

Vintage Book DVDsWhat’s it Like?

I ordered books on CD and data DVD, but some are also available for instant download.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when the product info said the Embroidery disc had 44 vintage books on it.  I’ve bought a few ebooks that have multiple volumes in one book, and navigation isn’t always ideal with those.  This disc, however, was pretty easy to use.  Each book is in a separate pdf.

Embroidery BookPortability

I like to print out my patterns to take with me, since I like to take crafts along when I travel, so I like how easy it is to print from the pdf.  Some of the books are long, and take some time to load all of the pages, but the overall size of everything doesn’t eat up too much space.

I like that it uses simple pdf files instead of something specific that only works with certain software.  A pdf means I can load it on my phone or iPad to take it with me.

What’s Next?

I saw a neat tutorial recently about how to crochet with beads without having to thread them all on the yarn before you start.  I have to try it out!


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