Pinterest Picks–Vol 3

What better way to pass the time during the cold month of January than by investigating new craft ideas on Pinterest?

Snowman Scarf

This scarf would be a great way to chase away the winter blahs. The pattern costs $5, but if you know a little about crocheting and adapting patterns, you can probably figure out a good knock off. It looks like it’s mostly a matter of increasing and decreasing as you make stripes.

Homemade Pin Catcher

Old dishes are a great thrift store find. They’re usually affordable–especially if you’re buying one that’s not part of a matching set.  I would probably use hot glue to attach the magnet, but I think super glue would work as well.

Candy Heart Candle Holder

All you need for this one is a vase that fits inside another vase, and a bag of those chalky heart candies. You could substitute other candies, but I would stay away from anything chocolate if you intend to light the candle inside.

Perler Bead Pattern

You might remember perler beads from when you were little. You put plastic beads on a tray, then iron it to melt the beads together.  The thing I like about all the perler bead patterns on Pinterest is that they’re easy to turn into cross stitch patterns. They’re drawn on a grid like cross stitch, and it makes an easy pattern that’s good for beginners.

Knook Advice

I keep trying to get the hang of knooking.  One of my readers directed me to a tutorial she posted, but I still have a hard time with my technique.  This pin suggested that I’m thinking too much like a crocheter as I try to knook, so maybe if I adjust my grip it will work a little better.  I haven’t given up on it, but I also haven’t produced anything worth photographing!

What’s Next?

I’m making valentines with my sorority to send to kids at Riley Children’s Hospital.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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