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Patriotic Painted Rocks

Many people celebrate Memorial Day by visiting grave sites with their families and leaving flowers.  Painted rocks are a nice way for kids to feel involved, and to feel like they are leaving something that will last.

Painted RockMaterials

  • Rock
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brushes

Choose a smooth rock that is a nice size.  Wash the rock with soap and water, and allow to dry thoroughly.  rock

Plan out your design before you start.  Paint the rock using acrylic paint.  I used a paint that is labeled for outdoor use, but my experience has been that most acrylic craft paint is pretty durable in any situation.  After you paint the rock, you may choose to use a protective acrylic spray.  I didn’t, but using it would make the rock look shinier.

If you don’t visit a grave site on Memorial Day, this is a nice activity to keep the kids occupied while the hamburgers cook!  Painted rocks look nice in a garden, or among other decorative rocks.

Happy Memorial Day!


How to Crochet With Beads

I was watching a craft show on PBS a couple of weeks ago, and saw this method for crocheting with beads.  Instead of threading all of your beads onto the yarn before you start crocheting, you can add each bead as you go.

crochet with beads


  • Yarn
  • Crochet Hook
  • Beads
  • Small piece of wire

Watch the video for details!