General Costume Tips for Halloween

If you’re searching for last minute costume ideas, you’re probably searching for something cheap and easy. Here are some tips to help you make an impressive costume!

Raid Your Closet

If you don’t have time to get to a craft store, visit your closet for inspiration. I was digging in my closet for all my Halloween gear and found my long-lost beach sarong! With a couple hair elastics and a safety pin, I paired it with an all-black outfit to create a butterfly. And I can reuse all of the pieces because I didn’t permanently attach anything.

Butterfly Costume

Check the Weather

Nothing will put more of a damper on a kid’s Halloween than having to cover up the perfect costume with a boring jacket. If it’s going to be chilly, try to use a sweatshirt as the base of the costume. Some of my brother’s and my childhood sweatsuit costumes include a bat, rhinoceros, panda, skeleton, cat, witch, and clown.

Clown Costumes

Hot Glue Is Your Friend

One of the easiest ways to make a last minute costume is to cut out some felt and hot glue it to a T-shirt. It might not win any prizes, but it at least looks like you tried to get in the spirit of Halloween. I think my Clark Kent costume turned out pretty well.

Clark Kent

Safety First

Keep in mind what activities you will be doing in your costume. If you’ll be walking from house to house in the dark, make sure you can see in you costume, and that you can see your feet. Carry a flashlight or lantern so that drivers can see you easily in the dark. If you need to ride in a car, make sure you’re able to sit in your costume, or be able to remove any pieces preventing you from safely riding in a car with your seat belt on. For the sake of your friends, make sure you can use the bathroom in your costume without help. Being able to fit through doors is also a plus.

Have fun and Be Different

When you make your own costume, you have less of a chance of showing up in the same costume as someone else. Dressing up as something trendy in pop culture might be fun, but everyone else could have the same idea. Background characters that are still recognizable can be a huge hit. I was the only person at the party dressed as Toad from Super Mario Brothers!

Toad Costume

Happy Halloween!


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