Seed Bead Bracelet

I made a bracelet to match a pair of chandelier earrings I made for a friend. I used purple seed beads, a ribbon charm, and butterfly charms for lupus awareness. Butterflies and the color purple are also used for domestic violence awareness, which is appropriate since October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Seed Bead BraceletMaterials:

Fine Jewelry Wire

2 Jump Rings


2 Butterfly Charms

1 Ribbon Charm

Purple Seed Beads

Bead Tip

Jewelry Pliers

Crimp Pliers


Step 1

Cut a length of wire double the length you will need.  It’s always better to cut the wire too long than too short. You can always trim excess when you are finished. Thread a jump ring on the wire and place it at the halfway point. Then thread a crimp over both strands of wire, and close the crimp near enough to the jump ring to form a small loop.

Place First CrimpStep 2

Thread 5 seed beads on each side of the wire. Next, thread one seed bead so that the wires criss-cross going opposite directions through the bead. This should form a small circle.

Form a Small CircleContinue this pattern. I made 7 small circles this way before continuing to the next step.

Make Several CirclesStep 3

Depending on what type of butterfly charm you are using, you may have to modify this pattern. The hole for my charms when vertically through the butterfly’s body. Instead of criss-crossing the wire like I had been doing with the seed beads, I threaded both wires the same direction through the charm. After the butterfly charm, I made one more circle with 5 seed beads and a criss-crossed seed bead. The next circle was similar, but on one side of the wire, instead of 5 seed beads I used 2 seed beads, followed by my ribbon charm, followed by two more seed beads. This was the center of my bracelet, so I continued the pattern on the other half until both sides matched.

Step 4

When you reach the end, thread both wires the same direction through a crimp. Tighten the crimp, then trim the excess. Cover the crimp with a bead tip. Place a jump ring through the end of the bead tip, and attach each end of the clasp to each end of the bracelet.

Place the Final CrimpStep 5

Wear it!

Seed Bead Jewelry Set

What’s Next?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays…that’s your only hint!!


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