Chandelier Earrings

I made these earrings for a friend to wear to a Walk to End Lupus, but they can be customized with different charms and colors.  October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and the purple and ribbons would be appropriate for that or for many other social and health issues.finished earrings



Jewelry Wire

2 Fish Hook Earrings


Crimp Pliers

Seed Beads

2 Charms

2 Jump Rings

Jewelry Pliers/Cutters


Step 1

Start by cutting a length of wire.  I like to cut my wire a little long, because I can always trim it down later.  I started with about 6-8 inches.  Use a wire that is thin and fine.  I used 0.46mm.  It was a little thick for my taste, but it was all my local craft store had without being ultra-fine.

Place a crimp on the wire, and then a jump ring.  Then thread the end of the wire back through the crimp so the jump ring is in the middle of the loop.

crimp and jump ringWith the crimp pushed up near the jump ring, use crimp pliers to tighten the crimp.

tighten the crimp

Step 2

Thread seed beads on the wire, making sure to include the tail of the wire in the first few beads.  If necessary, trim the tail of the wire.  Continue threading beads until you reach the desired length.


Step 3

Thread a crimp on the wire.  Loop the wire through the jump ring, back through the crimp, and through the last few beads.  Tighten the crimp with the crimp pliers.  Trim any excess wire, and make sure the tip of the wire is tucked into the beads.

finish the loop

Step 4

Use the jewelry pliers to open the jump ring so the space between the two wire loops is open.  Slide the charm onto the jump ring, and close the ring tightly.  Then open the end of the fish hook earring and place the jump ring on the loop.  Close the space in the earring.

chandelier earring

What’s Next?

I made a matching bracelet for these earrings! Come back soon to find out how!


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