Pinterest Picks–Vol. 2

I’ve been in the car a lot this summer, and since I’ve mostly been a rider rather than a driver, I’ve had a lot of time to spend on Pinterest.  Here are some of my finds!

How to Tie a Scarf

My aunt loved scarves, and I’ve started wearing them more.  They’re very trendy right now, and this is a good chart showing how to tie a scarf several different ways.


Mod Podge Glass Tray

This is a nice way to customize a glass tray.  Keep an eye out at yard sales and thrift stores for inexpensive trays.  I would probably use maps like in the photo.


Painted Vases

This is another good way to use thrift store finds.  Just paint the inside of a glass vase!


Mod Podge Leaf Jars

The leaves will be changing colors soon (some have started already!) and this is a cute way to bring the pretty fall colors inside.


Placemat Purse Organizer

This is a purse organizer made from a fabric placemat that has been folded and stitched to make pockets.  My purse is the size of a small suitcase, so I will be trying this pattern out soon!


What’s Next?

I made some more jewelry for lupus awareness.  I have a very easy pattern for teardrop chandelier earrings.


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