How I Made Past Halloween Costumes—Part 3: Toad (from Mario Bros)

I think Halloween might be my favorite holiday! I wrote posts last year about how to create a pumpkin, Batman, Superman, and M&M costume, and I thought I’d write about some of the costumes I’ve made in the past.  I’ve already written about my panda and Batgirl costumes.  Now for another one that was part of a group costume!

mushroom hat

Try to space the spots out evenly

Toad (from Mario Bros)

This costume works best when you’re accompanied by other Mario Brothers characters.  I was going with two people dressed as Mario and Luigi, and I didn’t want to spend the evening in a formal gown as a princess.  So I looked at all the available characters and got my creative juices flowing.

The most important part of the Toad costume is the mushroom hat.  I started with a plastic colander.  I wanted a plastic bowl that was cheap and the right size, and after trying on all the bowls at Wal-Mart, I decided the colander was the best.


That’s my friend, Beth. She’s dressed as a nerd.

Even though the colander looked mushroom-sized on my head, it wasn’t a snug fit at all.  So I went to the floral area and bought one of those foam rings you use to make a flower wreath.  Again, I tried them all on until I found one that would fit my head and fit inside the colander.

Then I bought some white fabric to cover my hat.  I don’t remember if the fabric was from the remnants shelf or if it was from the bargain bin, but if all you’re looking for is white, you can usually find something cheap.  I also bought red felt for the spots.

I started off by wedging the floral ring into the colander.  I think I had to shave it down a little with scissors.  Then I centered the white fabric, gathered it neatly over the contours, and stapled the heck out of it on the inside upper edge of the foam.  I pulled the fabric nice and taut so the hat wouldn’t fall apart.  Then I traced red circles using the inside of a role of tape and glued them on.  I added a purple vest I found on sale, a white shirt, and khakis.  I don’t have a group picture that I’d like to use, so here’s a picture of me by myself as Toad.

What’s next?

I might come up with a few more costume ideas, or I might get started on some of the posts I’ve already promised, such as newborn hats and cross stitch.  You’ll just have to come back and see!


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