Easy Halloween Costume for $4 – M&M

So it’s the day everyone is going out for Halloween, and you’ve procrastinated making your costume…what do you go as? An M&M of course! This is a really great group costume. Everybody picks a different color!


M&M colored T-shirt (green, red, brown, blue, yellow, orange) – $3.99, White felt – $0.25

Step 1 – Make a Stencil

M&M StencilI used Microsoft Word to type an ‘m,’ then made the font huge. My ‘m’ is Garamond font, size 700. Then I printed it, and cut it out.

Step 2 – Cut Out the Felt

It might be a good idea to turn your stencil backwards when you trace it on the felt. That way, your tracing lines will only be on the back of white felt when you turn it around the right way.

Step 3 – Attach the M

I used hot glue. I always get a low temperature glue gun because I have a tendency to stick my fingers in the glue when I’m not looking. But remember, low temperature is still hot! I started out by laying my ‘m’ out where I wanted it. Then I glued down each leg of the ‘m’ without lifting the whole thing off the shirt. That way, I could keep it exactly where I placed it. Once you get a few points glued down, move on to the larger areas.

Remember to put something inside the shirt (like a sheet of paper) so you don’t accidentally glue the shirt shut. Also, place your glue gun on a sheet of paper or something while it’s heating up. Sometimes glue oozes out, and you don’t want to ruin your kitchen counter!

Step 4 – Get Dressed!

M&M CostumeNow get out there and find your fellow M&Ms!

If you want to be a rounder M&M, you could use the elastic hem technique from my Pumpkin Costume.

More cheap and easy Halloween costumes you can make yourself:





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