Easy Halloween Costume for $7.50 – Batman

I’ll have a few more posts coming today as I finish up my challenge to make Halloween costumes for under $10! Now it’s time for Batman!


Black T-shirt – $3.99, Black and Yellow felt – $0.25 per sheet, Black fabric – $2.99 per yard (you can pretty much work with whatever is on sale).

Step 1 – Create the Stencils

Trace a stencil for each color of felt.Create a stencil for each color–black and yellow.  I looked up the Batman symbol online and traced it.  Then use the stencils to cut out your felt pieces.  It was hard to find something that would show up on the black felt when I traced the stencil.  I ended up using a purple eyeliner.  It worked surprisingly well!  White would have been better though.

Step 2 – Attach the Felt

You could really use everything from needle and thread to safety pins, but I decided to use hot glue.  Put a sheet of paper or something inside the shirt so you don’t accidentally glue the shirt shut, and make sure you place the glue gun on something so you won’t ruin your table if glue oozes out.  Again, I just used a sheet of paper.

Step 3 – Ears, Mask, and Cape

I started with the mask.  I cut about 2 1/2 or 3 inches off the end of the fabric for the cape, tied it around my face, and used my eyeliner to mark where the eye holes should be.  Then I just cut holes…I didn’t use any sort of pattern or stencil.  Just make the holes big enough to see out of.

Then I moved on to the ears.  I cut two triangles of leftover black felt, and folded them over and hot glued them for added stability.  Then I taped them into the inside of the mask.  You could hot glue or safety pin them as well.  I placed the ears while the mask was tied to my face so I would be sure to get them in the right spot.

Batman's cape looks like a bat!One of the things that makes Batman’s cape different from other superheros is the bat-like edge.  I used a roll of duck tape and a pencil to draw my line of where to cut.

Step 4 – Accessorize and Get Dressed!

Na na na na na na na na Batman!Put on some black pants, the mask, and tie the cape around your neck. There you have it, Batman!

Other cheap and easy Halloween costumes you can make yourself:





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