Easy Halloween Costume for about $6 – Pumpkin

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day with a mission – can I make 5 Halloween costumes for under $10 each? Well, I bought all the stuff, so let’s see how I do! First up, I’ll tell you how to make a pumpkin costume.

XXL Orange T-shirt – $3.99, 2 sheets yellow felt – $0.25 each, 1/8 inch elastic – about $1 worth, green bandana – $0.99

Lay your stencils out to make sure they are the right size.Step 1 – Create the Face

Make a paper stencil for your pumpkin’s face. There may have to be a seam in the middle of the mouth, depending on the size pumpkin you are making. Lay the stencils out to make sure they are the size you want.

Cut out the stencils, trace them onto the felt, and cut out the felt.

Taking a hint from most sewing projects, I ironed my shirt before putting the face on it.

Place the felt pieces in the right spots.Step 2 – Attach the Face

When you have the felt pieces placed where you want them, attach them to the shirt. I used hot glue, because my sewing machine is at my parents’ house and I didn’t feel like hand sewing. Make sure to put something inside the shirt so you don’t glue your shirt shut. I just used a few sheets of paper. Also, remember to put a piece of paper or something under your glue gun when it is not in use, because sometimes glue oozes out, and you don’t want to ruin your countertop!

I glued mine down in sections to keep the placement where I originally placed it…fold down a corner to glue, and work your way around.

Step 3 – Cinch in the Bottom Hem

To cinch in the bottom, I cut a tiny hole in the inside hem in the back. T-shirts don’t usually unravel too badly, so this shouldn’t be a big deal. Then cut a piece of elastic the right length (I made mine a little long so if I ever loan this costume out it can be fitted to a different person) and put a safety pin through one end. The safety pin will help you feed the elastic through the hem. I also recommend pinning the opposite end of the elastic to the shirt near the hole so you don’t pull it all the way through…you want to meet your ends up at the end!

When I had my elastic through the hem, I just safety pinned the ends together.  You could sew them, but like I said, I wanted mine to be customizable.

You might be able to find something better to stuff in your pumpkin so it's not so lumpy!Step 4 – Complete the Look!

Now put on the shirt and stuff it with something to make it look more pumpkin-y…I used junk mail. Glad to know it’s good for something! Tie a green bandana around your neck to represent the stem and leaves, and viola…you’re a pumpkin!

Check back again this week for more do-it-yourself costume ideas for under $10!


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