Make a Spiral Friendship Bracelet for a Friend!

As I continue to celebrate National Craft Month, I keep looking back to my favorite crafts as a kid.  While maybe not my favorite craft, friendship bracelets were an important one.  Everybody in my circles as I was growing up was making, giving away, and wearing friendship bracelets or anklets.  I was always more of an anklet person.  I have freakishly tiny wrists, and all of the bracelets I tried to make for my friends were too small, and all of the ones they made for me were too big.  Anklets are easier to fit for some reason.

The Easiest Friendship Bracelet Pattern I Ever Found

I was never particularly good at the more complicated designs of friendship bracelet, but there was one I found that I liked a lot.  I forget where I found the pattern, but I have a feeling it might have come from an American Girl magazine, because I read a lot of those.  The finished bracelet looks like a spiral of tidy knots.

There are more complicated designs that use the same basic knotting technique, but this is a good pattern for turning out a nice-looking bracelet quickly.

What Materials Do I Need?

Most friendship bracelet designs call for embroidery floss, and this one is no exception.  No matter how many colors you choose, you should always use at least four strands of embroidery floss.  Otherwise, the bracelet will be too thin for the spiral to show up nicely.  I like to use two colors.  It’s also important to remember that these knots use up more embroidery floss than you think they will, so you’ll need to cut the initial strands nice and long.  I cut mine close to three feet.

How Do I Start?

Here is a breakdown of the steps. It was a little hard to photograph, so don't judge!

Knot the strands together at one end, and tape the knot to something like a desk, table, or anything that gives you room to work.

Choose one strand and separate it from the others.  With the single strand to the left and the others to the right, cross the single strand over the others so that it looks like a ‘4.’

Then take the loose end underneath the other strands and up through the open space of the ‘4.’  Holding the other strands taut, tighten the knot.  Repeat this step, making sure that you keep each new knot close to the last one, until you are ready to switch colors.

How Do I Switch Colors?

Here is how you switch colors.

To switch colors, simply move the knotting strand you have been working with to put it with the other strands.  Then choose the next color, separate the strand, and continue knotting with the new strand.  Keep making knots and switching colors until you reach your desired length.  Then knot the end, trim off extra, and find a wrist or an ankle to wear it on!

There’s also a lot to be said for a simple braided friendship bracelet.  It’s easier to make, easier to cut the right amount of embroidery floss, and it feel less bulky when worn.  My friends and I used to add a bead or two to spruce up our braided bracelets.

What’s a Fun Alternative to Bracelets?

Another thing my friends and I used to do a lot of was friendship pins.  These are super simple to make.  Just take a small safety-pin, slide a few small beads onto it, and pin it on.  You can pin them to your book bag, lunch box, or wherever.  We used to pin them to our shoelaces.

On an unrelated note, I also found out that March is National Crochet Month!  Keep those hooks busy, and remember, I’ll answer any craft questions you send my way!  How are you celebrating March with crafts?


2 thoughts on “Make a Spiral Friendship Bracelet for a Friend!

  1. I love the idea of friendship pins! I had the opportunity to make one a few years back, and I still have it fastened on my backpack!

    I’m hopeless when it comes to making friendship bracelets. My fingers are a tad pudgy, so I have a hard time manipulating the embroidery floss. Have you ever tried making bracelets with wood twine? Not as comfortable at first, but I found it a lot easier! Do you have any other material suggestions for those of us who have a hard time using tiny string?

    Happy (belated) National Craft Month!

    • I’ve made bracelets out of yarn before. You can basically use the same patterns as for embroidery floss, but it will be a little bigger because yarn is thicker. Ribbon might also make an interesting bracelet, but be sure to cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle so it doesn’t unravel.

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